Blog Ideas to Review

Maintaining your blog can be challenging when trying to find new ideas to write about. Try finding new and different products and services to review. Here are some quick ideas to consider.


Write about Medicare supplement plans as health care and insurance coverage is a very complex issue today. Many people are confused as to what they do and do not have coverage for, and could use a little guidance as to how to navigate those waters. Review different insurance companies and how they handle conditions differently than their competitors.

Review chefs and cooking shows based on how you feel the quality of their content is. If they are always cooking the same boring meals or the things they cook aren’t realistic for regular home kitchens, they might not be a cooking show you want to watch anymore. If you have the chance to visit the chef’s restaurant, give the food an honest assessment and discuss it with your followers.

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Grocery stores are always a great thing to review because in many cities there are so many of them in a concentrated place it’s hard to keep track of the highest quality foods and the lowest prices. One grocery store might be very cheap, but their produce is always bad. Or you find one grocery store with superior quality food, but is always the most expensive food by far. You can also review farm stands and markets nearby. Supporting local businesses is always a great idea and many cities only have farm stands pop up once a week or a couple times a month. Many people might not even know they have a local farmers market event at some point during the week and they are missing out on the freshest and most local food available.


Share your experiences about your local farmer’s markets and try to get the word out about their businesses. If you use their products, make sure you tell your friends and family about how great they were. If you use them on your website somewhere either doing your own version of a cooking show or posting recipes, be sure to give them a special mention in the post for your followers to have the opportunity to get the very same products you use in your posts. If you tag the product or business in your post so that it links to their website or social media accounts, you may find they do the same for you and get special attention for their followers.