Financial Smart Phone Apps

It couldn’t be more convenient today to manage every aspect of your life with the apps you have right on your smart phone. You now have access to anything you could possibly need to control, from a tiny computer right in your pocket. Instead of researching Medicare supplement plans, take a look at these crucial apps you should be using right now.

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Your finances are arguably one of the most important parts of your life that you always need to be on top of. With practically all of your bank accounts being online today, chances are your bank and any financial services companies you use all have their own apps designed for you to manage your finances from. Simply log in with your account information and you can access your online banking information right on your phone. This is incredibly convenient and you can use it to send money to friends and family or pay bills as needed as well. It’s extremely secure as banks these days have cybersecurity at the forefront of their concerns. Your account and login info are all encrypted and you can safely access your banking information without worry.


Apple Pay is another crucial app when it comes to making payments. With the worries of security surround your debit and credit cards, and the hazards of carrying large sums of cash on you at all times, Apple Pay is another way to transact money digitally right from your smart phone without needing any physical payment instruments on you. Your phone will store your debit and credit card info so you don’t need to have it on you, then use your phone to make a payment at a retail store or restaurant as if it were a debit or credit card. This makes payments incredibly simple and secure.

Other similar payment apps you can use today are Venmo, Zelle, or Google Pay, which all allow you to send and receive money to and from trusted people that you authorize a transaction with. This eliminates the need for physical cash or cash equivalents to be present in order to make a transaction and keeps it all safe and secure for everyone involved. You don’t even need to be in the same room as the people you send money to, it is simply sent over the internet digitally and you don’t need to worry about it anymore. Try using some of these fantastic payments apps moving forward.