As someone who is heavily involved with social media (more than I'd like to, to be honest), I have seen so many weddings vendors incorrectly credit or not even credit at all! Just a quick intro I'm the boss lady over at Southern California Bride and have worked my bum off to grow SCB's Instagram account to where it is now. I'm also a wedding photographer and manage my own IG account but you can tell which one I spend more time on, haha! I don't know if this incorrect way of crediting is because people just don't know any better or if they're just plain lazy (there, I said it. #sorrynotsorry).

Let's talk about Instagram right now (but this can be applied to Facebook and Twitter as well). I'm of the school of thought that anyone whose work is being shown in the photograph, should be credited. No questions asked. What I do with my posts is the first photo shown from the event or shoot, I list all the vendors involved. Any photo that follows from the same event or shoot will just list vendors whose work is shown in that particular photo. 

 Anyone whose work is being shown in the photograph, should be credited. No questions asked. 

Do you know how many times brides have asked me in the past who the designer of a wedding gown was or where that wedding venue is and I cannot give them an answer because the vendor I reposted the photo from did not provide that credit? It sucks. So I stopped reposting photos that do not properly credit vendors shown in the photos. I also don't repost photos that say "tap for vendors". Um, yuck. But more on that later. Fun fact: today, I received an DM on my SCB account from the Account Executive for Badgley Mischka who saw a photo I posted because I credited them. She offered to provide me with gowns for future shoots! UM, EXCUSE ME? SAY WHAT? Yes. Badgley Mischka offered to provide me with gowns. 

 Properly crediting vendors is not just the right thing to do but also one of the best things you can do for your business. 

Here is another example: I photographed an editorial last year at the gorgeous Rancho Las Lomas. I got so many inquiries from photos that were reposted on their account, like it was insane. Had I not credited & tagged them, how would they have known that I had shared a photo from their venue? They wouldn't have and I probably would not have gotten as many inquiries for that venue. And had they not credited me, how would brides have known who the photographer was?

Bottom line is this: if you're sharing a photo on social media, always always always give credit where it's due. 

Always tag vendors IN the caption and not just on the photo. Why? If a photo gets reposted by someone, captions get reposted with the photo (given the reposter does not delete the caption). Photo tags, however, DO NOT. So the best thing to do is to credit people within the caption (and if you're feeling it, tag them on the photo as well). Here are a few examples:

Be nice. Set a standard for other wedding vendors and properly credit vendors IN your captions. Brides will see your photos and will want to know who the florist is or where that wedding gown is from. If you don't know, find out! Don't be lazy.